Antecedents & Evolution

1922: Pioneer

The police in Chicago experiment with a radio telephone which broadcasts at a frequency just above the AM radio band. 

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1940s: Horseback

The US Army Signal Corps communicate via radio in the field during wartime.

(PIC 2)


1959: Commercial Model

Reginald Blevins, the Postmaster General of the UK, inaugurates the first radio telephone service for motorists. 

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1972: Portable

A model shows off a unit that could dial into telephone systems, displayed at a London exhibition entitled, “Communications Today, Tomorrow and the Future.

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1983: Inventory

Martin Cooper is credited with developing the first cell phone approved for commercial use.

(PIC 5)


1988: In the Field

Frenchman Frank Piccard calls in after taking Gold in the Super G at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

(PIC 6)


1997: Ahead of its Time

Philips introduces an early attempt at a digital “smart phone.” The unit, called “The Synergy” provided wireless access to e-mail, internet and faxes.

(PIC 7)


1999: In Fashion

Mattel’s Barbie is outfitted with pearls, a business suit and a cell phone.

(PIC 8 )


2000: High Tech

A concept product from Panasonic combines a game machine with a detachable hand unit which serves as a mobile phone and game control device.

(PIC 9)


2005: Multiplicity

Fans at a Live 8 concert in Edinburgh brandish their phones.

(PIC 10)


2006: Simple

A tourist uses his phone to photograph volcanoes in Indonesia.

(PIC 11)


2006: Historic Moment

Palestinian students at a Ramallah University photograph physicist Steven Hawking, who has arrived to give a lecture.

(PIC 12)


2007: Text is Next!

Morgan Pozgar, 13, of Claysburgh, Pennsylvania, competes in the LG National Texting Championship at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

(PIC 13)


2008-Present: The iPhone 3G

Steve Jobs unveils the latest generation of his revolutionary product. The 3G is faster and less expensive than its predecessor.

(PIC 14)









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