The mobile phone has not only made an impact on our society, it has made a crater. This technology has not just changed our daily lives, it has also changed many aspects of our culture.


Once the mobile phone began to go down in price, the average American began to see the need for the technology. As the mid 90’s approached the world so did a change in the world of fashion. The mobile phone had found a permanent place in clothing. Pants manufactures began placing pockets that were reserved for storing the mobile phone. [1]

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Clothing was not the only thing that was going to change with the popularity of mobile phone technology. Storage places for the object began to pop up everywhere. Book-bags, purses, briefcases etc began installing reserved spaces for the phone to be stored.

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Mobile phones became so popular they went straight to the big screen in Hollywood. These phones began to appear in movies to first show the wealth of the character, but as they began to become more and more apart of our everyday life, it becomes hard to find a modern day movie that does not have a mobile phone. As technology increases in life, it also increases in movies; mobile phones are now being used as bomb detonators and GPS locators instead of just a quick way to make a phone call. In 2004 a mobile phone became the whole premise of a movie titled, Cellular. [2]


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Just like movies, television has also jumped on the band wagon when promoting mobile phones. Yes, they are found in almost every television show like many other technologies, but the mobile phone became so popular in the early nineties that televisions shows like, Saved by the Bell actually coined the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X the “Zac Morris Phone” because he was the first one to carry a mobile phone. This show was also one of the first to present the public with a major downside to using a mobile phone. [3]

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Commercials have been changed as well because of this technology by not only having mobile phones in their advertisements, but also centering the advertisement on the cellular phone itself. One cannot turn on the TV without seeing a mobile phone commercial. 

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The office will never be the same since if felt the impact of mobile phones. Before one would have to check their email, talk on the phone, organize their rolodex with every one of their business affiliate’s numbers, etc. Now this all can be done from the palm of your hand. Mobile phones have evolved into the mecca of workplace organization. On a new “Smartphone”, one can do all of these activities, plus find the directions and menu of where everyone is going for lunch and finally check their children’s Facebook status to see how their school day is going, all before they even get to work. [4]   


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When music began it was not even given to the public to keep, it was played on a radio in their homes. Now a days one does not even have to leave their house to buy the new Rihanna CD; all they have to do is download it off a website. Where do mobile phones fit in on this you might ask? Now many mobile phones are equipped with a MP3 player so that the user can listen to their favorite song and even use file as a ringtone for when their friend calls. This technology has even gone as far in replacing lighters at concerts. [5]


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Since the invention of the portable phone, the world has seen a new disease when it comes to addiction. Technological addictions may not be as bad as a drug or alcohol addiction, but it still something one should keep tabs on in their life. The mobile phone has become America’s addiction since the early nineties, but now a word has been invented for the disease…Crackberry. 


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Whether it is bidding on an item on Ebay or checking your bank account balance, the impact that this technology is making on our lives in endless. It is hard to actually find something that the mobile phone has not changed. The only question left is what is going to happen next?





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